Monday, July 26, 2010

Tower of LONDON

going to the Tower of London was such a cool experience! i have been here before, but it always boggles my mind to see the crown jewels and such old buildings... the tower where they used to hold the prisoners has the names of many carved into the stone walls and the crown jewels are honestly so ridiculous. i do not understand how they acquired so much gold and so many diamonds! it was so fun to take a tour though and go see all of the historic places.

Tower Bridge

finally found a guard!

maddie & i

chio crew

tara, whit, me, nikki, and maddie in front of the tower of london!

love the group pics!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


this is STOURHEAD which was my favorite, favorite place! this is where Darcy proposes to Elizabeth in the Keira Knightley version of Pride and Prejudice (aka my all time fav movie) and it is my life dream to also be proposed to here also.. it isn't looking likely at the moment. but my favorite part in the movie is filmed here and it is beautiful. the man who designed these gardens spent 40 years making them perfect... it was definitely worth it! we were very rushed here which was disappointing cause i could have stayed here all day! but i was so stoked to be able to come.
{i was so bummed because i didn't realize we were going here so i was basically dressed like a pirate. don't judge me for my attire. haha.}

beautiful lake in the middle of the gardens

Chery, Sarah, me, Emily, Maddie, and Whitney! amazing view behind us

view of the bridge you see as you enter the gardens (from the back side)
church where Mr. Collins gives his sermon in Pride and Prejudice!

just hanging out in the Temple of Apollo

so fun!

Temple of Apollo (where darcy proposes to elizabeth in the pouring rain!) this place gives me the chills, i love it!

first sighting of the temple of apollo. this place is gorgeous!

when we first got to the gardens!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


This was one of our day trips to Caterbury! It was really fun to see. We went to the ruins of St. Augustine's before we headed over to the main church. Canterbury is famous for the Canterbury Tales by Chaucer, and is the cutest little town!

ruins of St. Augustine!

Canterbury Cathedral

Me and Whit inside!

at St. Augustine's

just having fun together!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


this was our fun day trip to Glastonbury... we "hiked" up Tor to the tower on the top of the hill that has been a sacred space for many many years. people come from far and wide to see this beautiful tower. i really loved the picturesque landscape and the view from the top, it was a cool experience!

one of my favorite pictures! we have the cutest girls in out program!

beautiful view

me, hannah, and clark (the one boy on our program haha) don't we all look great together?

the tower

mae, sal, tara, and i

i love all the green fields!

small section of the hill we hiked up, but definitely worth once you get to the top!

Glastonbury ruins

We took a day trip to Glastonbury and ended up having a photoshoot in the old church ruins. here's a little peak at what we were doing...
hey, don't judge the stuffed animals... everybody has to make phone calls.

first pic in an english phonebooth!

at the ruins

chio crew being classy

messing around on the steps of ruins in Glastonbury hahah

beautiful ruins of a Chapel

i love all the crosses and church there are in this country!

my cute room!! 3A is da best!

Friday, July 9, 2010

St. Paul's Cathedral!

tara and i climbing up one of the many, many stairs to the top!

{Amanda Allred 2010}

They have a wall with tons of names written on it at the top of the dome, so of course I had to write mine on it also...

amazing view!

River Thames, London Eye, and THE City

stairs used in Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes! we aren't technically supposed to take pictures in the Cathedral, but we had an awesome tour guide who said "since there is no one around but us you can hurry and take all the pictures we want"

cutest girls!

me in front of st. paul's


the dome.
A Cathedral dedicated to St. Paul has stood on this site since 604AD.
The current Cathedral – the fourth to occupy this site – was designed by the court architect Sir Christopher Wren and built between 1675 and 1710 after its predecessor was destroyed in the Great Fire of London.


streets of Bath

Cath Kidston!! Where I got my new adorable purse and camera case! I am in love with them.

eating our AMAZING buns from Sally Lunn's on a random curb.. we put cinnamon butter on them, and I have never been happier! delish.

Sally Lunn's House. As you can see, it is the oldest house in Bath, and has the cutest restaurant inside.

just hanging out in front of the roman baths

there are the coolest roman sculptures surrounding the baths, I love them.

beautiful Bath Abbey

me and Sal pal!

Bath Abbey!

Okay, so Bath is my favorite place! It is so quaint and fun. It really feels like you are in a different city, especially with the Roman influence and historical buildings... We took a tour of the roman baths, went to Sally Lunn's house (most amazing buns!), and just walked around the town... and I bought my Cath Kidston bag! yay! I really could stay there forever and loved every second!